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connect element tv to wifi

How to use Element TV Remote Android App

Smart phone has become a companion in the hand, and we tend to misplace the remote. When you want to watch TV more than often can't find the remote. No worries, Element samart TV has released an official android remote control app for Smart TV remote. you can use it with out worrying the fake third party remote apps bombardng you with fullscreen inappropriate commercials when ever you want to use the app to control the Element TV. 

Element Smart TV can be controlled using the new Android Element remote app, App is a replica of the Element TV remote. to start first you need to install the Element TV remote app from the offical Google Android app store. 

How to setup and configure the Element Smart TV remote app

Step 1:

Connect your Element Smart TV to the Wifi Network.

Goto Settings > Network > select Wifi > now select your Wifi Network SID name. enter the Wifi password to connect.

Step 2:

Connect your mobile / Tablet to the same wifi network as that of Element TV

Step 3 :

Open the Element TV app, choose the device, enter the security code displayed on the screen. 

Now you can control your TV from the Element Remote app. 

Element TV IOS app for iphones is not available yet. 



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