Quick and Easy way to Program A Philips Universal Remote with out entering codes

How to Program Philips Universal TV remote Control with out codes. 

Sick of having multiple remote controls on your coffee table and not finding one when needed. you can setup your att remote to control all your home theater related device and components. 

We will show you quick method using auto code seach technique, there is no hassel of finding out the remote codes and manually keying the codes.

Before starting make sure to plug all your devices and hook all the cables. Swith on the devices your about to setup, make sure Philips universal remote has working battries. Finding out the battries are bad later in the process is no fun and waste of your time.

Steps to program Philips Universal Remote

  1. Hold down the “Code Search” button on the remote control. Release the button after the red indicator light blinks.

  2. Press the device button, such as “TV” “CLB” “VCR” or “SAT” This will make the indicator light blink off and then back on.

  3. Keep pressing the “CHAN +” button until the device changes channels. When the TV changes channels again, stop.

  4. Press the “Mute” button to save the code in memory.

Unfortunately some older devices manufactured before 2012 does not support automated code search method, in these situations you need to manually key the philips universal remote codes.No worrie we have collected the complete list of working codes from varios manufactures for you. Complete list of Phlips Universal remote codes and programming instructions can be found in the below link.

Philips Universal Remote Codes

Here is a video tutorial of how to program Philips Universal remote using Automated code search technique

Below video contains the complete step by step instruction however above steps are more accurate. above steps contain no-non sense talk and stright to the point steps.