New 2022 Samsung Smart remote charges with wifi and lights in your home

New 2022 Samsung auto charing remote

The 2022 Samsung Smart remote has an internal, rechargeable battery that can be charged by the lights and wifi signals in your home. You can also charge it with a USB-C cable. every year millions of AAA battries are disposed while using the electronic devices, new Samsung 2022  smart remote doesn’t use alkaline batteries can recharge itself with wifi signals in home and with lights in the home. 

As the Samsung 2022 remote has no alkaline battery it needs occasional recharge using the usb-c cable same as your samsung phone. 

To charge the remote with solar energy, simply set the remote down with the solar panel facing up. You can do this in your living room while your lights are turned on, or you can place it near a window where it will soak in natural sunlight.

How to control other external devices with Samsung 2022 smart universal remote

When the TV is connected to an external device, such as a DVD/BD player or a set-top box via HDMI, power sync mode will be automatically activated. In the power sync mode, the TV continues to detect and connect external devices via HDMI cable. This function can be deactivated by removing the HDMI cable of the connected device.

Switching between external devices connected to the TV

Select Home -> Input -> Source

When you select a connected external device on the Source screen, the output of the selected device is displayed on the TV's screen.

Controlling External Devices with a Samsung Remote Control 

Using the Universal Remote Control the TV and connected external devices with a Samsung remote control. Source -> Universal Remote .

You can control external devices connected to the TV using a Samsung remote control. To control external devices, register them by following the instructions on the screen

To register new like External home theater or sound bar, goto Home-> Sources and then select Universal remote, The select register device and follow the on screen prompts.

Universal remote codes for new 2022 Samsung remote

in 99% cases registering your device works with samsung remote, however there are instances where you many need to setup manually.