How Can You Use SWE Commands with Bookmark URLs

SWE API Commands can be used to perform operations such as login, GoToView and query in the Siebel application. (Replace "callcenter_enu" by the name of the Siebel application that you use.)

  • Start the Siebel application.


  • Login to the Siebel application.


NOTE: ExecuteLogin is required from onwards in order to obtain a valid Secure Random Number (SRN) for this SWE session. The SRN feature has been added to improve session security. SWE API solutions that attempt to hook into an existing Siebel session will not work with SRN-secured sessions. 

  • Navigate to a specific screen in the Siebel application.


NOTE: The SWERF SWE Argument for ReloadFrames is required for the GotoPageTab command to work. Using this command will display the default view specified for the screen.

  • Navigate to a specific view in the Siebel application.


NOTE: If you want the user to explicitly login before navigating to the view then use the SWE Argument SWEBU=1 . This will make the user explicitly login before accessing the view. If SWEBU parameter is not specified then anonymous users will also be able to access the view using the above URL provided this view is part of the anonymous user's responsibility.

  • Log in to the Siebel application and navigate to a specific view.


NOTE:  The SWEAC command allows users to string two SWE commands in a single request. For example, the above URL does a SWECmd=ExecuteLogin, and then a SWEAC=GotoView. You cannot reference more than two SWE Commands using SWEAC.

  • Navigate to a specific record in the applet. The following URL command will navigate to a contact record whose row id is 12-2DPY4N:


  • Drilldown on a specific field in an applet. In the following URL, SWEField indicates the drilldown field. If you want to drill down into a specific record, then specify the SWERowId parameter of the row you want to drill down to. When the SWERowId parameter is not supplied in a drill down, then SWE returns the first record in the list:


  • To invoke a business service. In the following URL, SWEService is the name of the business service, SWEMethod is the name of the business service method and Viewname, BusObject is an input argument to the business service.


NOTE: SWEMethods such as NewQuery and ExecuteQuery mentioned in the Portal Framework Guide are not supported through the SWE API when specified as a URL. They are reserved for use in the sXML interface. The alternate approach to accomplish this requirement would be to write a business service to perform the necessary query operation and call this business service using bookmark url

Drill down to a specific product in product catalog. This requirement can be achieved by using the following commands:

  • SWEPostnApplet=<The applet of the destinated view>
  • SWEPostnRowId=<The row Id to position>
  • SWEView=<The view to navigate to>
  • SWECmd=GotoView