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Refresh an applet instead of the Business component

User wants to update the data being displayed on UI after performing some validation and updates via a script on the underlying BC.

How can we increase the default HTTP Sleep Time on outbound web service calls ?

EAI HTTP Transport does not read the sleep time parameter from the enterprise or object manager settings.
Instead, it defaults to 120 seconds internally (hardcoded).

How To Use Local Web Service

Local Web Service is available in Siebel Enterprise Application version 7.5 and higher.

Can 2 Middleware environments share the same Siebel UCM 8.1.1 environment using the customer MDM PIP?

It is not feasible to link up the same UCM env to 2 Middleware environments without issues.  The UCM outbound services can be configured to publish events to only 1 Middleware environment at any given time.  So the outbound flows can poi

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for EAI JMS Transport


The EAI JMS Transport is provided to allow connection to a JMS queue / topic. This document will outline overall required steps (referencing document as necessary) in order to achieve this.


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