Case Insensitive and Accent Insensitive Queries

When the case insensitive and accent insensitive (CIAI) query feature is implemented, database queries you perform in the Siebel application ignore both case and the use of accents to return records that otherwise match the query criteria.

What to expect from Open UI for Siebel CRM

Year 2012 is promising to bring some exiting changes to Siebel CRM, Cross browser compatibility has been a major usability concern for Siebel CRM.

How to split up the Siebel filesystem with sfspartition in Siebel 8

Bookshelf 8.0,
Siebel System Administration Guide > Siebel Server Infrastructure Administration > Administering the Siebel File System >

How to convert .FDR file to readable excel format or .CSV format

Siebel process generates an .fdr file also known as Flight data recorder file when ever there is a crash or a dump. FDR file is created in binary format with process information.

Siebel Reporting XSLFunctions Library Methods in Siebel BI Publisher

XSLFunctions (XSLFunctions.jar) is the library for common functions used in standard Siebel BI Publisher reports. Following are the methods supported: current_date()

Development Tools used in Open UI development

Using Siebel Tools or with standards based Web development tools (Jdeveloper/Eclipse/NetBeans)

Developing with the new JavaScript API provides a powerful tool to extend the platform.

Is it possible to set up individual user locales?

It is possible to set up locales on a user basis so that you do not need to create new object manager components in order for a set of users to simply use a different locale.  A locale directs how sensitive information, such as date, time, and num

Siebel Development Standards

I'm sure most of you are aware of these standards / guidelines for development,  


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