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Server Tables Cleanup component failing - deadlock trying to delete records from s_srm_request

"In Siebel version 7.7, the SRProc component has a new parameter called Enable Various Housekeeping Tasks (Parameter alias = EnableHouseKeeping).

Apply and Activate on Local Database causes Tools Application to Hang

Connected to the local database with the user id and password for the local user; while applying with the correct ODBC connection and the process initiates for a minute, and then Siebel tools automatically closes; In another machine, the process i

Determining the Siebel User id using the Oracle process id to find who is running the longrunning SQLs

This document will explain a procedure that may be used to associate a specific Oracle database session from the V$SESSION table with a specific Siebel user session.

How to Host offline page in Siebel during application maintenance window

offline page can be achieved using following techniques -
 1.URL Redirect
 2.using web.config / .htaccess file
 3.using default.htm

What is FREELIST Parameter

Multiple EIM processes can be executed against an EIM table provided they all use different batches or batch ranges. The concern is that contention for locks on common objects may be experienced.

Overcome Error while Checkout

A common error encountered while doing an object Checkout/Get is –
Siebel-ERR-1109: Unable to read value from export file (Data length (4) > Column definition (1));
Solution :

Why Are User Preferences Not Migrated After Upgrade From Siebel 7.x to 8.x?

In Siebel version 7.x and higher, saved user preferences such as columns displayed and column size settings are stored by the Siebel application in .spf User Preference files. For users on Siebel Mobile or Siebel Dedicated Web Clients, User P

Siebel Administration - Server Management Views inaccessible when ADSI authentication is enabled.

Oracle Siebel introduced Gateway authentication in Siebel 8 onwards, which mandates the database login authentication for accessing the Siebel Administration – Server Management view.

Finding the cause of a slow Siebel Repository File (SRF) compile with Siebel Tools

A full SRF compile usually completes in under an hour for the standard Horizontal and Industry repositories. Many times developers report that a full SRF compile is very slow and is taking a significantly longer time.


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