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Handling Invalid/Unusable Siebel Index

Indexes are available on the Siebel base tables to improve performance and also to maintain the data integrity. The purpose of adding index is to help the database to search records quickly and efficiently.

clearing Siebel workflow instance monitoring log

clearing Siebel workflow instance monitoring log :


Is it possible to kill a session at the Database layer? Will the Siebel session be terminated?

he session can be killed at the Database layer, however the Siebel object manager's DB Connector will automatically perform a session reconnect :

Here is the session from Oracle's v$session table :

Siebel Repository tables

Siebel Repository refers to set of tables in which Siebel object definition and scripts are stored.

Server Tables Cleanup component failing - deadlock trying to delete records from s_srm_request

"In Siebel version 7.7, the SRProc component has a new parameter called Enable Various Housekeeping Tasks (Parameter alias = EnableHouseKeeping).

Siebel Server Component Event Logging

The Siebel Server and the server components it hosts are among the most frequently used processes in a typical Siebel CRM implementation.

Deploying Siebel Enterprise Configuration Data Using the Cfgmerge Utility

 Siebel Application Deployment Manager is not designed to deploy changes made to the configuration of enterprise parameters, servers, and components.These changes can be made either through the server management screens and views in the Siebel Web

Siebel Application Response Measurement (SARM)

When an end user clicks a view tab to navigate to a new view, a chain of processes is invoked on different machines in order to handle the request.

Database Performance Considerations - Where indexes can improve performance and where not

In a nutshell a database index is an auxiliary data structure which allows for faster retrieval of data stored in the database. They are keyed off of a specific column so that queries like “Give me all people with a last name of ‘Sam’” are fast.

Determining the Siebel User id using the Oracle process id to find who is running the longrunning SQLs

This document will explain a procedure that may be used to associate a specific Oracle database session from the V$SESSION table with a specific Siebel user session.


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