Interview Technique : Requirements Gathering Techniques

An interview is a conversation with stakeholders to elicit or validate needs and requirements.  An interview may include one or more stakeholders.  The interview may also involve a question and answer session used to discover other potential stake

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Joint Application Development (JAD) Technique

The Joint Application Development (JAD) technique is an extended, facilitated workshop.  It involves collaboration between stakeholders and systems analysts to identify needs or requirements in a concentrated and focused effort.

Adding the Power of Social Media in to CRM

Social Media and Siebel

Social media had a big year in 2011. It was—and still is—the topic of nearly every marketing conversation, and continues to see astounding growth. At year's end, Facebook surpassed 850 million users and was well on its way to 1 billion.

175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

Excellent book on time saving tips -

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Time Saving Tips - Part 1

“It is better to strike a straight blow with a crooked stick than spend my whole life trying to straighten the darn thing out.”

—Ken Blanchard

Survey Method: Requirements Gathering Techniques

The Survey Method is an electronic or paper based method of soliciting needs or requirements from stakeholders.  The survey method is a list of questions, directed at identifying stakeholder needs or requirements.

Requirements Gathering Techniques

Requirements gathering techniques provide project team members with a choice of methods for eliciting needs or requirements from stakeholders and for validating requirements with stakeholders.

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager - EIM Most frequently asked Interview Questions – Part 3

This is Siebel EIM Interview Q&A Part 3 We have collected the Siebel real time interview questions related to EIM ( enterprise integration manager) , these are asked in real interviews in most of the companies.

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