Small Business

Five Stages of Small Business Growth

Categorizing the growth of small business into defined stages looks confusing at first, if we look little closer we can derive follwing stages.

Guide to twitter - what you should know about twitter

Tweeting is becoming very common, do you know the techniques to effectively tweet. Here are some tips for you

What is Account Planning?

Every member of a company is responsible for its success by enhancing its brand equity. Perhaps you are a brand manager responsible for a specific brand or portfolio of brands. Maybe you are the president of a company or a marketing director.

The Ten Commandments of Small Business

I.Before you Start business write down the business plan!
II.Employees are most importent factor in success, build loyalty
III.Deligate and make employees accountable to the actions
IV.keep getting better in management

How to make money from twitter?

Ever wondered why all the celebrities are joining twitter? Charlie sheen said “I am unemployed” and joined twitter. So how is he making money? Who is paying for tweeting?

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