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Does EIM support case values

Yes, EIM supports various case values defined for base table columns in Siebel Tools. EIM will adjust the case value of an interface table column according to the Force Case property of the corresponding base table column.

How can data from a base table be deleted, while leaving rows that were not fully imported earlier for further examination and correction?

Primary associations can be set using the Primary Flag; for example, in EIM_ACCOUNT there is an ACC_PR_POSTN column that is defaulted to “N”, but when set to “Y”, EIM will attempt to update the Primary Position in the relev

What is Siebel EIM Enterprise Integration Manager

The Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) manages the bi-directional exchange of data between the Siebel databases and other corporate data

How can users find differences in all interface tables between two repositories

1. Before using the utility, the user needs to create the view S_EIM_MAP_V in the database. The database platform independent script for creating the view is create_EIM_MAP_V.sql and can be found in <dbsrvr>\common directory.

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager - EIM Most frequently asked Interview Questions – Part 3

This is Siebel EIM Interview Q&A Part 3 We have collected the Siebel real time interview questions related to EIM ( enterprise integration manager) , these are asked in real interviews in most of the companies.

Creating Siebel ROW_ID through EIM

The unique identifier associated with every record in Siebel Enterprise databases is known as a Row ID. The column in which this value is found is ROW_ID and it is present on every table. The ROW_ID is unique for an entity.


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