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Siebel EAI Adapter: skiptree and skipnode operations in Execute Method

The whole sub tree rooted at this node is not processed. It is the same as that whole sub tree not existing in the integration object instance.

Integrating Barcode Reader with Siebel Applications

This document has been written to demonstrate how to enable barcode toolbar in Siebel Call center, How to Map fields such that the barcode input always goes into a particular field and automatically perform tasks like insert.

What should be the service name when Configuring Oracle Configurator in Siebel.

To Configuring Oracle Configurator - Use the following instructions to apply the run changes for the configuration to the database.

Web Portal Integration with Siebel Applications

This article presents details on how to use the XML Web Interface to deliver content from Siebel to external portal frameworks and Web application environments.

How to integrate or consume an external RESTful web service in Siebel 8

Siebel Application does not support REST web services on Siebel 8.0.x version, inbound .

REST inbound web service support is GA in release

Automating "Generate Reporting Relationship" on the Position applet

function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName, Inputs, Outputs) { var busobj; var buscomp; busobj = TheApplication().GetBusObject("Assignment");

Techniques to display the CTI Call Data in Siebel Application

While integrating Siebel and CTI with products like Avaya or CISCO typically clients will have following types of requirement:

Troubleshooting – Common Workflow Errors

The following lists some commonly encountered errors for Workflow Process Manager.

1. Problem: You activated your workflow but it is not executing

Siebel Real Time Process

The objective of this document is to describe the functioning of real time process. In the real time process the record from the external system is directly entered into UCM SDH (Source Data History) tables.


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