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How Can You Use SWE Commands with Bookmark URLs

SWE API Commands can be used to perform operations such as login, GoToView and query in the Siebel application.

Carriage Return in Siebel Workflows

In Siebel Workflow, there is no function for a carriage return line feed. So, if we want to populate a text field and format the contents so that they appear on separate lines, there is no simple way to do it.

Deploy or Activate of Several Workflow Processes on Siebel

Siebel 7.8 introduces a new business service named "Workflow Admin Service" which offers, among others, this functionality to deploy or activate several workflow processes at a time.

Firewall Considerations when Siebel is behind a firewall

You have AIA deployed on one server, BRM is on the same network. Siebel on the other hand is installed on a server which is behind a firewall.

What should be the service name when Configuring Oracle Configurator in Siebel.

To Configuring Oracle Configurator - Use the following instructions to apply the run changes for the configuration to the database.

Troubleshoot performance in Siebel EAI

The following steps can be used to debug and increase EAI Siebel Adapter performance related issues:

1. To improve the performance of integration objects:

NEON Adapter for Siebel

The NEON adapter for Siebel provides the capability to automate data transfers to and from Siebel 6 (2000) and Siebel 7 Enterprise Applications by leveraging current New Era of Networks (NEON) and Seibel Integration Obj

Uncompress and download Attachments

Objective:To uncompress the server's .SAF file and store the same in the local machine in local\SiebelRoot\Client\TEMP folder 

Accessing Siebel Environment from Dot Net in

Siebel provides object interface to access Siebel Objects like Business Component, Business Object, Business services, Fields etc to be accessed from .Net, you can integrate Siebel and .Net using below steps.


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