Six tips for better delegating

Allow enough time

Despite your busy schedule, you must allow enough time for delegating the task.

Planning to Delegate as a Manager

Most managerial tasks can be delegated but some cannot. When deciding which can be delegated, consider how factors such as time and quality come into play.

Tasks that cannot be delegated fall into three categories:

Delegating Tasks and Monitoring Progress as a Manager

Delegation requires you to communicate well with the people to whom you want to delegate. Incorporating six tips into your approach will help you delegate tasks more effectively:

Planning to Delegate as a Manager

Delegating tasks isn't just a matter of going down a list and distributing jobs to your employees as they come through your door. Successfully getting someone else to perform tasks for you requires a degree of planning.

General Delegation Planner - Downloadable Template

Use this planner to list the tasks you believe can be delegated, and then assign them to particular people. Include the information you'll need to convey to ensure success.

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