Where to go to find the Errors in AutoSys

To find the errors in Autosys use below commands:$AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.$AUTOSERV
($AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.ACE)Output from the job definition output & error files :

AutoSys Command Line Commands

Following are the AutoSys command line commands:gatekeeper: Allows you to enter the License Keys which allow you to run AutoSys.eventor [-M machine_name] : Starts the event processor.autorep -J [ALL | Job_name] [-q] [> file_name], -d (detail),

When not to use the box job in Autosys

The fact that all jobs in a box change status when a box starts running has lead some to use boxes to implement "job cycle" behavior.

AutoSys Tutorials

# Send Event
alias -x se='sendevent -E'

# Start Job
alias -x fsj='sendevent -E FORCE_STARTJOB -J'
alias -x sj='sendevent -E STARTJOB -J'

Autosys Commands

Autosys is a popular job scheduling tool used in unix used by several organization to manage job automation for running jobs on time accurately and profficiently.

Autosys Job Handling

Defining Jobs: Can be done through GUI or Job Instruction Language (JIL)

System Components:

Benefits of AutoSys scheduler

Job scheduling typically relies on using the UNIX clock daemon called “cron” or the Windows NT command line interface scheduler service.

AutoSys System Architecture

AutoSys is a job scheduling program for UNIX and Windows NT and is built as event-driven client/server architecture.  The product architecture consists of three components: 

Commands to create virutual machine in AutoSys jobs

To create virutal machine in autosys use below commands, these commands are for unix or sun os. insert_machine: virtual
type: v /* default, not required */
machine: real_1
machine: real_2
max_load: 100

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