AutoSys Command Line Commands

Following are the AutoSys command line commands:gatekeeper: Allows you to enter the License Keys which allow you to run AutoSys.eventor [-M machine_name] : Starts the event processor.autorep -J [ALL | Job_name] [-q] [> file_name], -d (detail), -r (run number), -o (override), jil < file_na -G (global var report), -M -q for machine definitions.
Ex: autorep -J job_name -d
    autorep -J job_name -d
    autorep -J job_name -q > file_name queries the DB & save job Dfn. Into a file
      vi file_name
      When you want a report of a box use the -L0 option
      Autorep -J job_name -l1 report on the job for the day -1 (prev day)sendevent -E STARTJOB -J job_name, sendevent -E FORCE_STARTJOB -J job_name, [JOB_ON_ICE, JOB_OFF_ICE, JOB_ON_HOLD, JOB_OFF_HOLD, SET_GLOBAL, STOP_DEMON. . . .]
sendevent -E STOP_DEMON - to stop AutoSys
   (ex: sendevent -E SET_GLOBAL -G "var_name=/home/mydir" to set a var)
   (ex: sendevent -E SET_GLOBAL -G "var_name=DELETE" to delete a var)]chk_auto_up: checks to see if event processor and the DB are both up.autoping -m machine: verify that both client & server are correctly configured.cron2jil -f cronfile [-d outdir] [-I incl_file] [-m machine] [-p prefix]jil <CR>
To insert a job directly into the DB
insert_job: job_type: c
machine: machine_name
command: echo testing jil
[go | ;] (depending on the DB you are using)