AutoSys Processing illustration with diagram


1. The Event Processor polls the AutoSys Database for the next event to process.  The Event processor will monitor successfully completed events and determine if any predecessors have been met.  If no event is ready, the Event Processor will poll again in 5 seconds.

2. The Event Processor reads one event that is ready from the database.  If the event is a STARTJOB event, the job attributes are retrieved from the database, including the command and the fully qualified program or script to be used for the job.

3. The Event Processor completes the event.  If the event is a STARTJOB, the Event Processor establishes a connection with the Remote Agent on the AutoSys client machine as root via inetd and passes the job attributes to the Remote Agent which is started as autosys.  At this point, the Activated job status will be displayed. 

4.The Event Processor then sends a job status change (STARTING) event to update the database record for the job. At this point, the Starting job status will be displayed.

5. On the AutoSys client, inetd, as root, receives the job request.  The inetd demon invokes the Remote Agent as autosys to process the job (from /etc/inetd.conf file).

6.The Remote Agent sends an acknowledgment back to the Event Processor indicating that it has received the job parameters.  The socket connection is then terminated.

7.The Remote Agent forks a process and executes the command in the job definition to run a local script or job using: execl (sh -c “..”) after sourcing /etc/auto. profile.

8.The Remote Agent sends a job status change (RUNNING) event to update the database using Oracle SQL*NET.  The Running job status will be displayed.

9.The client job process runs to completion, then returns an exit code to the Remote Agent and quits.

10.The Remote Agent sends a job status change (SUCCESSful | FAILURE | TERMINATED) event to update the database, and passes back an exit code using Oracle SQL*NET. The Success (or Failure) job status will be displayed. 

If the remote status is SUCCESSful, the Remote Agent deletes the job log file in the /tmp directory on the AutoSys Client machine.

 The Remote Agent quits and will be started again by inetd when the next event is ready to process.