What is a Document?

Technical writing results in the production of a document. This is a wide term. However, in technical writing we will use the term “document” to define the specific output of a technical writing Task or Project.

Here are some characteristics of this term:

1) A document is a text written to achieve a specific purpose. This purpose shall be defined in the next section.

2) A document can be in hard copies (printed form) or can be in electronic form.

3) The documents we shall be working with are not restricted by size. A document can be made up of a single page (such as a cover letter, an email message or a memo). They can also be extensive documents such as an engineering proposal or an annual report. A document can also be grouped together in one master document such as a proposal made up of an executive summary, the technical solution, the financial proposal, the company profile, the profile of the team and the cover letter.


Posted by on Tuesday, May 9, 2017