Organizing as a Management Function

The purpose of management in any type of organization is to make sure available resources are used most efficiently in the pursuit of goals. Organizing is one managerial function that helps ensure resources are used efficiently.

Reviewing the Impact of External Environment - STEP Analysis

Businesses do not operate in isolation. Managers need to understand the impact that the surrounding business environment has on their own organization.

How Do Managers Spend Their Time?

As a new manager, you may be surprised at the number of things that you have to do each day.

Concepts of Leadership

“I used to think that running an organization was equivalent to conducting a symphony orchestra. But I don't think that's quite it; it's more like jazz. There is more improvisation.”— Warren Bennis 

Benefits of Managing a Diverse Team

If you were to ask a room full of people to each define the term "diversity," how many different answers do you think you'd get? You'd probably get as many definitions of the term as there are people in the room.

Assessing Your Fairness as a Manager

Your direct reports assess the fairness of many aspects of their jobs.

Assigning Roles on a Team

Assigning team roles appropriately – to capable team members – sets your team on the path to success. A logical four-step process can help you assign team members to appropriate roles. Each step of the process builds on the last:

How You Can Be An Effective Leader

You've heard the expression "He/She is a born leader." Are all leaders born? Or can leadership be learned?

Demonstrating Fairness in Managing Direct Reports

It's your job to ensure an efficient and effective work environment – and that starts with you treating your employees fairly.

Succeeding as a First-time Manager

It may sound harsh, but as a first-time manager you'll make mistakes. Studying some of the mistakes commonly made by new managers will help you learn through the experience of others and avoid similar issues.


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