Planning to Delegate as a Manager

Delegating tasks isn't just a matter of going down a list and distributing jobs to your employees as they come through your door. Successfully getting someone else to perform tasks for you requires a degree of planning.

Planning to Delegate as a Manager

Most managerial tasks can be delegated but some cannot. When deciding which can be delegated, consider how factors such as time and quality come into play.

Tasks that cannot be delegated fall into three categories:

Strategies for Preparing to Manage a Diverse Team

Proactive preparation enhances leaders' abilities to use team members' strengths and avoid their weaknesses, getting the most out of their teams.

Determining Performance and Potential

Think about the employee you are evaluating and ask yourself the following questions. Answer yes or no.

Show Your Employees You Care


Listening to what your direct reports say about the things that concern them shows them that they are important

Discover the value of networks in successful peer relationships

Trust is an essential element in any collaborative or mutually beneficial relationship. When you trust your peers and they trust you, it becomes easier to share information and work together.

How to Close an Interview Effectively

To close an interview effectively, you should first determine whether you've covered everything you need to know and backtrack if necessary. You should then tell the applicant what happens next.

Increasing Your Level of Authority

Don is a fairly new senior editor in a department that abstracts and indexes legal publications. He is responsible for creating and clarifying editorial policy for the staff. It's an enviable position, yet Don's authority is not complete.

Overcoming the Fears that Inhibit Alliances

Everyone hopes to be approved of by his peers and his boss. It's a common human need. Unfortunately, employees who lack authority when trying to create change sometimes allow this need to metamorphose into fear.

Assessing Development Needs of your Direct Reports

You may have identified some or all benefits that come from developing your direct reports.


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