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SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

Table Fragmentation and Siebel EIM

Prior to running EIM it is important to clean up fragmented objects, especially those that will be used during the EIM processing. The following SQL statement can be used to identify objects with greater than 10 extents:

Siebel Connection pooling

Connection pooling in Siebel is very important for performance. Siebel Bookshelf contains a section on “Database Connection Pooling Usage Guidelines” that provides general recommendations with regards to connection pooling.

Table Lock in Oracle

The challenge was to find out which OS user, through which DB login and from which machine the table has been locked and the type of lock that has been applied.

Situation : Application performance issue; Table Lock

Handling Invalid/Unusable Siebel Index

Indexes are available on the Siebel base tables to improve performance and also to maintain the data integrity. The purpose of adding index is to help the database to search records quickly and efficiently.

EIM Tuning - Reference

What is EIM

EIM is a data loading tool that reads data from EIM tables (staging table) and Inserts/Updates/Deletes data in/from Siebel base tables.

Why EIM tuning is important

  • Data

Determining the Siebel User id using the Oracle process id to find who is running the longrunning SQLs

This document will explain a procedure that may be used to associate a specific Oracle database session from the V$SESSION table with a specific Siebel user session.

indexing Siebel custom columns

In most implementations, a high number of indexes already exist on some of the tables (such as, S_OPTY) and you must be careful not to add too many indexes. A new index can fix one query but may slow down another.


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