rca crk76te1 manual

CRK76 Remote

The CRK76 universal remote can be programmed to control most brands of remote controllable TVs, VCRs, satellite receivers, DVD players, audio receivers, and cable boxes. The remote is already programmed to control most RCA, PROSCAN, and GE components.

 Also, the AUX button can be programmed to control most brands of an additional remote-controllable component. The following programming instructions are for all models of the CRK76 remote control. Keep in mind that your model of CRK76 may have different component buttons than other CRK76 models.

In addition, a component button may be labeled slightly different than explained here. (For example, VCR and VCR1, or SAT-CABLE and DIRECTV).

Remote manual with instructing and Codes: 
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