What should be the service name when Configuring Oracle Configurator in Siebel.

To Configuring Oracle Configurator - Use the following instructions to apply the run changes for the configuration to the database.

3. Navigate to Site Map > Administation Order Management > Signals.
a. Query for the Signal "Customize".
b. Lock the signal record and click on Workspace.
c. Change the service name to SWI Configurator Load.

However, the Order to Cash implementation guide on page labeled 196, section “Changing the Runtime Configuration to Invoke Oracle Configurator from Siebel CRM” step 3.c. says:-

“Change the service name to Oracle Configurator Load”


If on O2C PIP2.5,1 and Siebel QF7103 the configuration should be to have the service name as ‘SWI Configurator Load’.

This workflow internally calls the workflow “Oracle Configurator Load” as a subprocess and based on the system preference to enable O2C PIP it will call “Oracle Configurator Load” to launch Oracle Configurator else it will launch Siebel Configurator using subprocess “Configurator Load”.