Want to Get the Best Picture Quality Out of Your Ultra HD 4K TV

4k Ultra HD TVs offer high picture quality, however you may have noticed your not getting the picture quality you paid for. 4K offers very high pixel rate 3,840 pixel for horizaontal and 2,160 pixels of vertical resolution. To compare with HD its 4 times the pixels and 4 times the clarity and vivid detail in the picture. So whats stopping your 4K Ultra HD TV from showing the best quality picture that Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services offer.

Here's how you get best 4K Quality Video over Wifi

Auto lower resolution by Streaming Service

Youtube, Netflix, Amazon and others automatically reduce the picture quality when they detect low WiFi Speeds to avoid the buffering circle or choppy paly of the video content.

on youtube click on the Gear icon and Select picture quality as 4K HD to get best quality video 

Fiber Optic Internet provider VS Broad Band Cable Provider

Every single day more people are buying 4K HD TV's to keep up with demand for 4K content Netflix, Amaon now record their Original Shows in Ultra HD. Most of the popular Youtube channles are uploading their content in 4K.

Download speed matters, Fiber Optic internet providers like Verizon Fios now provide upto 1 GBPS download speeds consistently, as the demand for Ultra HD is growing treditional cable providers like Comcast Xfinity are upping their game to provide 1 GBPS download speeds, However fiber optic provider are better at providing the upload speeds. 

Best WiFi Routers  Support 5 GHz channel and Automatic Dual mode

Wifi  signal waves use radio frequency, the higher the frequency more data can be transferred in less time. Make sure to check the frequecy support and dula mode support of the wifi router before buying.


If you have teenagers at home make sure to buy Tri-Band wifi routers, these provide the best 4k streaming quality. you may have to spend over $200 to buy the new multi channel wifi routers such as Google WiFI, LinkSys Large home Wifi.  

Multi User and Multi Input and Multi Output MU-MIMO routers for 4K Ultr HD TVs

Next gen AC routers are built with MU-MIO technology to get you the highest speed available for consumer WiFi routers.