Uploading multiple Actuate ROX files to Actuate server

To upload multiple ROX files into the Reports Server Encyclopedia, you can use the Actuate eReport Designer Professional (eRDPro). You might use this approach to upload multiple ROX files at one time or to upload the latest ROX version into the Reports Server. The following steps detail how to do this:
•Open the Actuate eRDPro.
•Go to View > Options and select the General tab.
•Select the check box “Enable navigator menu item and toolbar” and click OK.
•Go to File > Navigator and log in to the Reports Server Volume as the Report Server Administrator.
Enter the specified values in the following fields and click OK:
Username: administrator
•To add multiple ROX files,select the location or folder for example, Siebel Reports.
•Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where your ROX files reside for example, C:\seaClientReports.
•Select all desired ROX files from the folder and drag and drop them into the Siebel Reports folder on the Actuate Navigator.
•Select Replace or Version. Selecting Version keeps the existing files.
•Repeat the same process if you intend to upload other ROX files to the Siebel Reports/ENU folder in the Actuate Navigator.
•Exit the Actuate Navigator.
NOTE: The Actuate Navigator does not have the administrative rights to change report object privileges, this must be done through the Management Console. Here are the steps to do it:
•Log in to the Reports Server Volume using the Actuate Management Console.
•Navigate to Files & Folders > Siebel Reports folder.
•Click on “Select all items” checkbox. You should see all ROX files selected.
•Click on Act Upon selected items and Properties.
•Click on the Privileges tab
•Select All from Available panel and move to the “Add these privileges” panel.
•Select the Visible, Execute, Read, and Grant check boxes.
•Click on Apply and then click OK. Similarly, grant the same privileges to the ROX files under the Siebel Reports/enu folder if necessary.