Siebel CRM Applications Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database

Oracle Corp Inc offers support of Siebel CRM version,, 8.1.1, and 8.2.2 releases running on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Server (32-bit and 64-bit) RTM (or) above.

Refer to the following table for exceptions and minimum maintenance release levels required to support this platform. 

Siebel Product Applicable Maintenance Release

Siebel CRM version 8.2.x 8.2.2 [22320] (or) above

Siebel CRM version.8.1.x 8.1.1  [21111] (or) above

Siebel CRM version 8.0.x [20416] (or) above

Siebel CRM version 7.8.x [19227] (or) above

Review the Siebel Business Applications Documentation library for related installation and upgrade guides. which details a complete list of supported and ancillary software versions.

Configure SQL Native Client (SNAC) connectivity software for connection to SQL Server 2008 

For your Siebel CRM application, you should connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 using a SNAC v9.x client.

Siebel Installer creates ODBC data sources e.g SBA_80_DSN that works with SQL Native Client (SNAC) 2005.90.xxxx client 


Check the version of ODBC driver installed:

From the Microsoft Windows Start menu, choose 'run', type “odbcad32”, hit enter.

On ODBC Data Source Administrator window, select Drivers tab. 

If you have SNAC v9.x installed, you will see the version number 2005.90…. next to the SQL Native Client. 

If you have SNAC v10.x installed, you will see the version number 2007.100… next to the SQL Server Native Client 10.0. 

If none of the SNAC entry is presented, you will need to install Microsoft SQL Server Native Client from your SQL Server installation media or download the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client from


Configure Siebel DSN (SBA_80_DSN) entry to point to the SQL Server 2008 instance:

From the Microsoft Windows Start menu, choose 'run', type “odbcad32”, hit enter.

On ODBC Data Source Administrator window, select System DSN tab 

Add or modify Siebel DSN entry to use the correct SNAC version. 

Specify the SQL Server 2008 instance name or IP information on the Server field. 

Follow instructions on the wizard to test and complete the connection configuration.

Whilst configuring the RDBMS connectivity you should ensure to connect to SQL Server 2008 using the SNAC v9 client.

NOTE:  Siebel CRM version now provides native support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, using SQL Server Native Client 10.0.



The information in this Alert is applicable to customers who are planning to run Siebel version (or) above releases on MS SQL Server 2008 RDBMS.



A new Siebel server configuration on Siebel CRM version 8.1.1 against MS SQL Server 2008 using SQL Native Client 10.x connectivity software cannot be completed successfully. During the Siebel server configuration an error of the following type is issued:

CreateServerConfiguration: failed to run program srvrcfg with cmdline -u %%Username%% -p %%Password%% -g %%SiebelGateway%% -e %%SiebelEnterprise%% -s %%SiebelServer%% -a server -i -c ALL

GenericLog GenericError 1 000008394a310cb8:0 2009-06-12 02:40:13 Failed during Execution, err: 5500044



Earlier releases of the Siebel 8.1 Systems Requirements and Supported Platform stipulates that Native Client is supported with MS SQL Server 2008.  This implies SNAC 10.x release is supported connectivity software.  This SNAC version, does not work properly in conjunction with the Siebel CRM application, bug 10565543 has been logged to address this on the latest System Requirements and Supported Platform guides.

As a workaround, you will require to install MS SQL Server Native Connectivity Client 9.0 (for SQL Server 2005) and set the compatibility to 90 for the Siebel database (siebeldb) using SQL Studio in SQL Server 2008.