Should Siebel Administrator Notification and other components be enabled on all servers?

we have 5 load balanced siebel application servers in production. Should we continue to enable the following components on all 5 servers or just having them enabled on one server is sufficient?

1. Siebel Administrator Notification Component
2. Server Tables Cleanup
3. Task Log Cleanup
4. Server Task Persistence


1. Siebel Administrator Notification Component - This is used to notify the administrator in case problems are detected with Siebel server and running components. If this is disabled on a Siebel server, then that Siebel server will not be able to report any problems on that server. If you want the notification functionality then you will need to leave this component enabled on each server.

2. Server Tables Cleanup - It is our recommendation that you only have this component enabled on one Siebel server. You can run into a deadlock problem if this is enabled on multiple servers. This problem is detailed in "Server Tables Cleanup component failing - deadlock trying to delete records from s_srm_request" and you can review that post for further details.

3. Task Log Cleanup - This works in a similar method as to the Server Table Cleanup and while there have been no problems reported with multiple instances of this, it should be fine to have this enabled on a single Siebel server and disabled on the others.

4. Server Task Persistence - This one is a bit trickier and is really more of a choice for you depending on what functionality you need. In the past OM task status was maintained in memory. This allows task status to persist when the past would have lost that information once the task was completed and the task "slot" was reused. What this allows is to keep a record of those tasks by persisting all the tasks info into a database table: S_SRM_TASK_HIST. This table can be purged periodically by the SvrTblCleanUp component.

'Server Task Persistence' is used to populate component tasks info into the S_SRM_TASK_HIST table (new in v8.0). This table is used to persist all the server tasks info (eg. component alias, task id, start time, end time, status, etc.) for easier diagnosis. This table is used by the 'Diagnostic Tool' as well as by the 'Oracle Enterprise Manager - Siebel Management Pack'. If customers want to use these features, then they should have this component enabled. This component should be very efficient, with minimal impact to the system. In general, we strongly recommend customer to enable the 'SystemAux' component group.

So the answer to item 4 above depends on the functionality you want or can do without