Scripting High Interactivity vs Standard Interactivity

There are two fundamental modes of deployment for a Siebel Web Client. End user interactivity options are

  • Standard Interactivity Deployment Mode (SI)
  • High Interactivity Deployment Mode (HI)

Standard Interactivity framework refers to the user experience associated with traditional customer facing web applications. In this mode there is no requirement for any installation on the client machines and the application is accessed using the web browser.

 The High Interactivity framework is similar to a traditional Windows Client.

 Before doing scripting the developer has to consider whether the application is deployed in SI, HI or both. This is because the supported events and methods vary in HI and SI modes. For example calling a business service from Browser Script is supported in HI whereas it is not supported in SI.

 Also SI mode does not support any Siebel Object Browser Events (Applet_ChangeRecord). Instead the browser’s Document Object Model (DOM) events are supported (OnBlur, OnFocus etc.). Also please not that there are two applet server events which is supported only in SI and not in HI. They are WebApplet_ShowControl and WebApplet_ShowListColumn, which will be explained later in the document.