Resolving Siebel High Interactivity problems

Siebel applications are divided into two categories based on the graphical users interface (GUI), High Interactivity Applications and Standard interactivity application.

High interactivity application run only on Windows client desktops because these applications use a frame work called Siebel high interactivity frame work.

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Customer facing application, which needs to support maximum number of browsers, uses standard interactivity frame work, which is based on the HTML 4.01 and CSS level 2.1 standard.

Siebel high interactivity frame work is a set of .dll files registered on the windows client desktop. Each version of Siebel has a different DLL file, for example Siebel uses SiebelAx_HI_Client_21233.dll file, the number at the end of dll file indicates which internal version it belongs.

Can Multiple Siebel versions coexist?

You can have multiple Siebel high interactivity frame work installed on the same machine. Multiple versions of DLLs can coexist with out causing any issues. For example you can have and Siebel High interactivity frame work as the DLL names are different, for its SiebelAx_HI_Client_21215.dll, where as for Siebel DLL name is SiebelAx_HI_Client_21233.dll, and Siebel application knows which one to use.


Pick applets and MVG applet comes up blank and some times causes the IE crash.

How to fix issues with problems:

Major issue with high interactivity frame work is caused by corrupted DLL file, in this case you can delete the high interactivity frame work by following below steps, and you need admin rights to perform below steps.

  1. Open "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files" folders in the windows explorer
  2.  Locate "Siebel High Interactivity Frame work" which has status field as "Damaged" (any status other than "Installed").
  3. right click and select delete
  4. try to logon to the Siebel application, high interactivity frame work will be downloaded automatically,  Siebel will prompt that its missing then select "Autofix" and then click "Run".


High Interactivity looks ancient are there any new updates?

Oracle is developing a new GUI technology frame work called "Open UI", which dose not require any ActiveX or DLL files on the client desktop and still provides better usability of Siebel application.