One of the largest Russian banks - State Agricultural Bank - starting to implement a two-CRM-systems based on Oracle Siebel.

State Agricultural Bank starts to introduce systems of relationships with clients based on technology platform Oracle Siebel CRM.Work will be performed under two contracts. According to the first system should be established for individuals, for the second - for corporate clients.Agricultural Bank contractor to build CRM for individuals for 96 million was the company "Technoserv consulting." Other contenders - "Step" and "I-Teco" - were not allowed to participate due to lack of a number of documents.In accordance with terms of reference, work on the creation of CRM-system for individuals must be completed before April 30, 2016As a result, the processes will be automated marketing, processing of applications and sales of products sold in the contact center bank, and point of sale services for individuals.Contractor to establish a system for corporate clients is not chosen, the corresponding tender for 62,47 Mill. Agricultural Bank announced a January 30, 2015Performance time - up to 10 June 2015 During this period, the developer will need to create a system to introduce it into operation and trained to work with it to 100 employees of the bank.Following the results of the implementation of CRM-system bank expects to optimize the sales process and increase their volume, improve service by storing information about customers and the history of relations with them, as well as by optimizing business processes and subsequent analysis of the results.As follows from the tender documentation, project objectives, inter alia, include an increase in the customer base of the bank and the creation of a unified database of its corporate clients.Introduction of Oracle Siebel CRM in the Agricultural Bank is conducted in accordance with the target application architecture and IT infrastructure, which, as reported in the documents of the bank, at his request in late 2011 was developed by Accenture.Agricultural Bank was founded in 2000, 100% of its shares are owned by the state. The organization has 78 branches and 1,471 additional offices across the country. According to the thematic Interfax-100 ranking, at the end of 2014 the Agricultural Bank occupies among Russian banks in 8th place on the amount of assets that are close to 2,052 bln.