Object Locking using Developer logins

Unable to enable object lock with other configured administrator user than SADMIN. For each project you can specify whether or not developers are allowed to check out and check in individual objects within the project. To allow developers to check out and check in objects, you set the project's Allow Object Locking property to TRUE. To modify the Allow Object Locking property, you must use the SADMIN user ID to log in and you must be logged into a server data source. You cannot set the Allow Object Locking property in your local repository and without SADMIN user.
OOB Configuration:  
Siebel has hard coded the SADMIN value to enable Object Level Check In / Check Out when connected to the server DB. However if your organization wants to pass the control to another user (probably another admin) you can achieve it with a little bit of configuration.
With the help of the following configuration, we can provide access to any user other than the default SADMIN. E.g., please follow the below mentioned steps to give access to QADMIN.
Navigate to Business Component “Repository Project”. Expand it to expose its fields. Query for “OL RO” field. Set the Calculated value for this field to
IF(LoginName() = “QADMIN”,”N”,”Y”)
Then copy the Siebel.srf file in the tools\Objects\enu folder and compile the changes against the copied file.
Launch Tools connected to the compiled srf. The user should be able to modify the AOL flag now by logging to the Siebel Tools as QADMIN.