New Smart TV Software by Google is coming to Sony TVs and TCL TVs

Smart TVs from Sony, TCL, and some other brands which are using android TV are going to have a facelift this year as software powering Sony, TCL are about to switch from Android TV to Google TV.

People will notice the Sony's Smart TV switch, all other Android TV manufacturers are also shifting to newer Google TV platform as goolge make the software available to tv and media streaming player manufacturers. 

All about Google TV

Google TV is new version of the Smart TV sofware from goolge, its currently known as Android TV. Google TV is more than just rebranding the same old software. There are may changes, look and feel is completely changed. 

Home screen has changed to prioritize content recommendation from streaming services such as youtube . Watch list feature is new to google TV. Google TV boast about 5K+ apps.


Google TV supports multiple profiles, there is also kids profile to let you setup children friendly content. 

Dumb TV Mode

Google TV will have a dumb tv mode, where it acts like a basic tv. with a simple switch your smart TV will turn into a dumb tv from 90's.