Know what Apple TV Is and How Does It Work?

Apple TV is a Streaming media player developed by Apple, its connected to your TV using HDMI port. Apple TV lets you do more than just watching high quality 4K streaming. you can listen to apple music, play games, and apple app store has many apps built for the apple TV.

Primarily there are 2 models of Apple TV,  1. 4K Ultra UHD Apple TV which supports 4K video, 2. HD Apple TV player which supports 1080p. you get to choose the built in storage 32GB and 64GB models. 

you simply connect the Apple TV with HDMI cable to your TV or Projector. Apple TV comes with a remote you can use the on-screen wizard instructions to connect to wifi and app store to download the apps on to your apple TV.

 Best thing about Apple TV is the app store and unparalled video libray support. With many native apps you can get any type of content with out any hassel. 

Built in Siri makes searching for content very easy and its very user friendly. you can easily pair with apple Airpods for watching TV with out disturbing your partner. 

Things you can do with Apple TV.

1. Watch Videos

along with Apple+ there are many streaming apps are supported on apple TV,  from popular Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, to regional favorites like Hot Star to language specifc streaming services such as Aaha are supported on Apple TV.

Apart from buying apple TV you also need to subscribe each individual streaming service to watch videos. 

2. Play Music

Apple TV is fully integrated with apple music, you can have your entire apple music subscription right in your hand. Apple TV supports service such as spotify and country specific and language specific music apps such as gana, saavan to name a few.

3.  Play your own media

With apps such as plex, VLC app, you can stream your songs, videos on your home network with out any hassel.

4. Cast your screen to Apple TV

you can mirror your apple ipad, iphone screen using AirPlay on to Apple TV. 

3 easy steps to rock and roll with Apple TV

1. Connect your apple TV and your TV using high quality 4k supported HDMI cable.

2. Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi, Make sure check out our guide to getting 4K quality over wifi.

3. Install your favorite streaming app and enjoy.

Additionally you can program your existing Universal remote to work with apple TV.