How To Use Different Ebiz Instance With The Same SIebel Instance

To move to the next stage in the lifecycle some times you need to use the same CRMOD instance with a new Ebiz instance.  What are the considerations to be aware of.

The question comes down to whether you want to use the same SOA instance or not.
Since you are only moving Ebiz then it primarily uses the DB and apps adapter to connect to Ebiz.  This means you are likely to only need to:
a) change any datasource in SOA pointing to point the new Ebiz instance.
b) the XREF_DATA table will need to be truncated.
c) All configuration for Ebiz will need to be validated e.g. cross references and DVM's etc. e.g. validate all post install steps.
d) This option will leave any existing ESB and BPEL data.

This means you will not need to reinstall SOA or AIA just point the existing PIP install elsewhere.