Do you have Skill to become Siebel Solution Architect?

If you’re a Siebel Technical consultant for a long time, and want to continue your career growth in technical filed, you would probably decided to become the Siebel solution architect. At least you’re interested if it’s a good fit for you. Most of the Siebel developers and Admins either move up the corporate ladder to become managers or PMs.

If you love the technology and it’s a best fit for you then it’s a good idea to become a solution architect.

In this article we will explore the skills required for a solution architect to be successful in ever changing Siebel world.

 Technical Excellence

General perception in the IT for a solution architect is that of a Guru, people expect expert level of technical skills in our case Siebel technical skills. 

Siebel Architecture

We all know that one can not be an expert in all the areas of Siebel implementation, However to be a solution architect, possessing the overall knowledge of Siebel architecture is essential. When you build a solution it demands you know the big picture. Is your solution scalable, can it perform well with heavy load? Ability to visualize and making sure the required changes in the solution to meet business problem is essential.

 Following are few more traits required for a solution architect –

  • Communication skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Ability to foresee risks

  • Understanding the Business needs

  • Ability to address the Customer needs in technology terms

  • Visualizing design and supervising the development

  • Coordinating the business users and Technical developers

  • Ability assists Enterprise architects to build roadmaps