Do Not Implement Script To Automatically Log Out Users When They Close the Browser Window

Some customers have built changes to force the application to do a clean log-out if the user closes the browser window directly, rather than choosing File > Log Out. This was done using browser scripting and JavaScript, adding the script to the CCFrameBanner.swt file to trap the Unload event of the browser window and execute the Application.Logoff method.

This solution may lead to adverse effects on your Siebel application, particularly when used with single sign-on. Therefore, Siebel Systems does not recommend that you implement such a configuration.

NOTE: Adding scripting to Siebel application web templates is not supported by Siebel Technical Support. Siebel Technical Support can assist with JavaScript issues, only when the JavaScript is added as browser script through Siebel Tools. If you need assistance with solutions involving or problems arising from custom JavaScript added to Siebel application web templates, please consult with Siebel Expert Services.

Bug 12-D0996T - has been logged to address the siebel enhancement request that the object manager session should be released as soon as the browser window is closed.

Bug 10459718 - has been logged to address the Siebel enhancement request that unsaved record changes should be saved when the user closes the browser window.


This only applies if you have implemented customizations to the CCFrameBanner.swt file and browser scripting, to force the Siebel application to do a clean log-out if the user closes the browser window directly.

NOTE: Previously, FAQ 2083 was published on Siebel SupportWeb providing this solution, but this FAQ has been removed from SupportWeb, and the configuration it described, is no longer supported or recommended.


  1. Users may experience a system hang when the browser window is closed.

  2. If, on an existing browser session which is connected to a Siebel application, the user refreshes the browser view, or enters a new URL into the browser Address field, the browser window will close instead of refreshing or navigating to the new URL.

  3. Single sign-on (SSO) may not function correctly. Normally, in a SSO-enabled environment, a warning pops up when a session times out. The user can normally click OK and be logged back into the application. With the browser script changes, this action will also trigger a log-out. This may create an infinite loop, leading to a possible crash on the database server or web server, or other inconsistency in the system or application.


If you have implemented this configuration, please remove it, and revert to the standard behavior when the browser window is closed without the user logging off. Educate your users to always use File > Log Out, before closing the Siebel Web Client browser window.