Disabling Anonymous Usage Data Collection in Cloudera Manager

When loading the Cloudera Manager webpage there is a request made to which attempts to send anonymous data usage statistics back to Cloudera via Google Analytics. This is not desirable because the BDA is normally run with no access to the internet and the request shows up in the browser status bar and may cause concern even though it is harmless. BDA customers may also not desire anonymous statistics be sent back to Cloudera even if their BDA is connected to the internet.

This issue will be fixed in the next release  of BDA Mammoth Software. Internal Bug16434583 has been filed to fix this issue.

To disable anonymous usage data collection in V2.0.1:

  1. Open CM using http://<node3-name>:7180

  2. Click the gear icon  (Top right hand corner) to display the Administration page.

  3. On the Properties tab, under the Other category, unset the Allow Usage Data Collection option to disable anonymous usage data collection. 

  4. Click Save changes