Navigating through complexities of Managing People

Seven Stages to a Management Role

How Will You Fit into the Organization?

Matrix Techniques to achieve Effective Time Management

Surviving In Management Role by Learning

Taking You Forward, or Holding You Back?

Trust And Betrayal

Types of Requirements

Siebel Analytics Web Services

Auto Insurance Policy Rating

Buying an Auto Insurance Policy

What is Auto Insurance in America

3 Steps to Achieve Assertiveness

Human behavior at work

How should we Give Feedback

Why do We Give Feedback?

Giving and Receiving Feedback

When to Speak and When to Listen

The Individual as the Sender and Receiver

Recognizing Different Communication Styles

The Four Communication Styles

Barriers to Effective Communication

Why Focus on Communicating Effectively?

The Communication Process

Top 6 reasons for project failure which Business Analyst can mitigate

Common issues caused by incorrect BA selection

Understanding Role of a Business Analyst

Eleven Things HR Won’t Tell You

10 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

College Education in America


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