CRM Siebel Application on iPad and iPhone

How do I populate the PR_PROD_LN_ID column in the S_PROD_INT base table

Does EIM support importing multiple addresses for accounts?

We successfully imported most of our interface table rows and want to delete them. However, we want to leave rows that were not fully imported so that we can examine and correct them. How can we do this?

Does EIM evaluate properties on Business Component (BC) level (such as default value or LOV type)?

Will EIM interfere or affect Visual Basic code built into the application?

Does EIM support importing data from ACT?

What columns in each interface table are mandatory in order for a row to be loaded? What must their values be? Which columns (such as foreign keys) are validated against other tables?

Does EIM support case values

How should users relate two PARTY Objects (example: Accounts and Contacts) in Siebel when importing data using Enterprise Integration Manager

What should be done when Enterprise Integration Manager fails with message “This is a foreign key value in the base table and the values in the interface table did not resolve to existing values”?

Why do users need to populate PARTY_UID in the S_PARTY base table while using Enterprise Integration Manager

What is the difference between the S_REVN table and the S_OPTY_POSTN table

How can users define multiple Extended Parameters values when running Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) from the command prompt in a batch file

How are addresses for account stored in the vertical Siebel 7 – Industry Application

How to use MISC SQL in Siebel to set the primary foreign keys in the EIM Step 11?

How should users run the EIM Table Mapping Wizard in Siebel Tools?

How can users find differences in all interface tables between two repositories

How are index hints used in an EIM process

How should EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES be used in Siebel?

How can users generate an Enterprise Integration Manager Log file in Siebel

Why are imported accounts not visible in Siebel 7 after the successful import using Enterprise Integration Manager

Why is the Primary ID not populated during an EIM task even though the corresponding EIM mapping columns are appropriately populated in the Interface table

What values must be populated for PARTY_TYPE_CD, PARTY_UID and ROOT_PARTY_FLG columns in S_PARTY table using EIM

How are CREATED and CREATED_BY columns populated using EIM?

How can users determine if there is an interface mapping to a particular table or column and which interface tables or columns can be used for importing to this base table or base column?

Can the PRIV_FLG column of S_CONTACT base table be updated using EIM? (Private_Flag is used to enforce Personal Contacts)

Why does the Interface Manager continue processing even when multiple rows fail a pass?

Is it possible to delete or merge records through Interface Manager that have the same user primary key and different conflict IDs?

How can I tune my EIM batches to improve performance?


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