Firewall Considerations when Siebel is behind a firewall

You have AIA deployed on one server, BRM is on the same network. Siebel on the other hand is installed on a server which is behind a firewall.

Which ports on the firewall need to be opened from SOA Suite and Siebel networks in order for the integration to work?

There are 2 considerations when having a firewall between Siebel and the SOA Suite used by AIA:

1- All the AIA ABCs providers which connect from SOA Suite to Siebel invoke a Web Service in Siebel.

   Firewall Consideration: In this case what you need to do is open the http port on the Siebel side to be reached from the SOA Suite.

The parameter SEBL_01.EndpointURI for the following Business Services configured on the $AIA_HOME/config/AIAConfigurationProperties.xml file, provide the host, port which needs to be opened from SOA Suite towards the Siebel server:

2- Siebel notifies SOA Suite of any Business Event using JMS messages on a queue. Siebel acts as a JMS client to the JMS Server deployed as part of the SOA Suite, the communication between client and server is through RMI. The RMI specification allows the client RMI to communicate to the RMI Server through a firewall.

   Firewall Consideratiooin: You need to have a Proxy Server between Siebel and SOA Suite. The Siebel server has to have the system property configuration parameters http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort pointing to the proxy between both servers. (Please refer to the document on, page 194, section 15.5 Firewalls and RMI). As explained in the document what happens is that each time you want to enqueue a message in the JMS Queue, Siebel, acting as an RMI client, tries to create a socket connection to the SOA RMI Server. If it fails it will read the JVM System Properties http.proxyHost and http.proxiPort and will try to establish an HTTP Connection to the SOA Server through the Proxy server.