Is it Possible to Update the User Key using EIM

Using EIM task user cannot normally update User key attributes of the base table.

Siebel - Email/SMS/FAX template substitution

Scenario : Need to fill email/sms/fax template content substituted via scripting.

How can we increase the default HTTP Sleep Time on outbound web service calls ?

EAI HTTP Transport does not read the sleep time parameter from the enterprise or object manager settings.
Instead, it defaults to 120 seconds internally (hardcoded).

Does EIM support case values

Yes, EIM supports various case values defined for base table columns in Siebel Tools. EIM will adjust the case value of an interface table column according to the Force Case property of the corresponding base table column.

Automatic Logoff from the Siebel Client session, based on specific conditions.

Client Requirement is to automatically logg off Siebel client if an Inactive User/Ex-Employee tries to access the application 


Development Tools used in Open UI development

Using Siebel Tools or with standards based Web development tools (Jdeveloper/Eclipse/NetBeans)

Developing with the new JavaScript API provides a powerful tool to extend the platform.

Can 2 Middleware environments share the same Siebel UCM 8.1.1 environment using the customer MDM PIP?

It is not feasible to link up the same UCM env to 2 Middleware environments without issues.  The UCM outbound services can be configured to publish events to only 1 Middleware environment at any given time.  So the outbound flows can poi


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