Persuasive Writing Characteristics and an Example

The purpose of persuasive writing is to motivate the reader to support an idea or take action. To make persuasive writing effective, you should ensure it attracts attention, stimulates interest, and maintains focus.

Siebel Open UI Deployment Steps

Open UI views will be rendered by the SWE engine at runtime, converting the views in Siebel Tools repository into HTML views for displaying through any browser.Can be added in parallel to the regular upgrade so that it does not affect the existing

Managing Your Career in an American Organization

In the United States, career management is typically the responsibility of the individual. This can be challenging for employees new to the US who are unfamiliar with the norms and expectations that typically dictate professional advancement.

Adding Internet Explorer Support for Siebel 8

The following configuration changes need to be made on the Siebel Application Server for each Siebel installation, so that it knows the capabilities of the IE8 browser.

Establishing Guidelines on a Team

When building a new team, an obstacle you, as the team leader, will face is expectations and behaviors not conducive to team work – especially if your team is diverse or competitive.

Joint Application Development (JAD) Technique

The Joint Application Development (JAD) technique is an extended, facilitated workshop.  It involves collaboration between stakeholders and systems analysts to identify needs or requirements in a concentrated and focused effort.

What are The Business analysis tasks

Each of the six business analysis knowledge areas has a purpose. The purpose of the Requirements Analysis knowledge area, for example, is to determine a solution to meet stakeholder needs.

An In-Depth Look at Oracle Fusion Applications

What does the formal launch of Fusion mean for existing Oracle CRM and ERP users?

Creating Your Own Leadership Development Plan

In the first stage of creating a leadership development plan, you assess yourself and your environment, establish your vision, and plan to overcome obstacles. In the second stage, you determine how to achieve your vision.


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