How to import data to a LOV Type column?

When importing data from _XMIF or some other Interface table users might encounter the following error message in the trace file:

What values must be populated for PARTY_TYPE_CD, PARTY_UID and ROOT_PARTY_FLG columns in S_PARTY table using EIM

PARTY_TYPE_CD, PARTY_UID, ROOT_PARTY_FLG are the required columns in S_PARTY table which have to populated while doing an import of party records(like contact, position, etc.) using Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM).

EIM Data Loading : Oracle function - Bulk Collect

When loading data through EIM process, we normally use Pl/SQL procedures to fetch and process huge volume of records and  then load the data to EIM Interface tables.

How should EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES be used in Siebel?

The syntax of EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES has been changed in version 7.x./8.x This information was not available in the Siebel Bookshelf.

The following are the correct syntax for the EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES parameters:

Reference to Siebel EIM Import Parameters

TYPE: This parameter specifies the type of process being defined (IMPORT, EXPORT, DELETE, MERGE, or SHELL). A shell process uses the INCLUDE statement to invoke a sequence of processes in a single run.

Duplicate Records after Export in Siebel

This article lists out the steps to identify the Join, which causes the duplicate records during the export.

How to limit the number of records when they are queried from a pick applet

The 'Prefetch Size' and 'Max Cursor Size' is used for DB2 database. But there are some cases where Max Cursor Size alone has been used for Oracle database. The possible workaround is to run a default PDQ.


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