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Optimization of Data Warehouse – Reporting Design

Problem Definition:- As per any standard Data Warehouse Project the entities <Transactional DB Source, ETL(Extract, Transform & Load)  Process, Analytical DB Destination, UI for Reporting>  are being used in the current Process

indexing Siebel custom columns

In most implementations, a high number of indexes already exist on some of the tables (such as, S_OPTY) and you must be careful not to add too many indexes. A new index can fix one query but may slow down another.

SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

Why is the SQL not traced in the EIM tasks log file despite setting SQL Trace Flags to 8?

This happens when the Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) component's Component Event Configuration - SQL Tracing Event Type log level value is not set to 4.

Siebel Server Component Event Logging

The Siebel Server and the server components it hosts are among the most frequently used processes in a typical Siebel CRM implementation.

Tracing Siebel server task with SQL Trace and TKPROF in Oracle

tkprof is one of the most useful utilities available to Admins for diagnosing performance issues. It essentially formats a trace file into a more readable format for performance analysis.

How are index hints used in an EIM process

Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) interacts with data objects (tables and columns) via SQL statements. How those queries are executed by the database in use is directly related to the EIM performance.

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