What is Account Planning?

Every member of a company is responsible for its success by enhancing its brand equity. Perhaps you are a brand manager responsible for a specific brand or portfolio of brands. Maybe you are the president of a company or a marketing director.

Adding the Power of Social Media in to CRM

Social Media and Siebel

Social media had a big year in 2011. It was—and still is—the topic of nearly every marketing conversation, and continues to see astounding growth. At year's end, Facebook surpassed 850 million users and was well on its way to 1 billion.

The Differences Between Sales and Marketing

Company executives are often very confident about their products, and will sometimes say that a product is so good, it sells itself. While the product in question may be good, as a rule, all products need a sales workforce to sell them.

ISM Announces Winners of 2013 Top 15 CRM Software Awards for both ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Small & Medium Business’ Solutions

“The winners of the 2013 Top 15 are the influencers in the CRM community who have made significant advancements in both functionality and connectivity for sales, customer service and marketing professionals; offer better decision making to

D&B Announces Availability of D&B360TM for Siebel CRM

D&B (NYSE: DNB), the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, announced that D&B360 is now available for Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle’s Siebel CRM.

Mobile CRM Apps To Grow 500% By 2014: Gartner Research

Gartner Research is reporting mobile CRM apps will grow 500 percent by 2014, another sign of a shifting market that has more to do with work getting done in the cloud more so than from a server behind the firewall.This is buttressed by Gartner’s n

Example: Effective Writing for Different Message Types

The purpose of informative writing is to transfer information to the reader. To make informative writing effective, you should explain your reason for writing at the start.

NICE systems has released CRM Analytics

Leading provider of call center voice operations software maker, NICE Systems has released customer engagement analytics platform, which combines interaction and transaction analytics.

How to Improve your negotiating skills

Negotiation skills are among the most important for any leader. I called on some prominent senior executives in the region (and my former executive MBA students from the Robert H.


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