Siebel EIM Import Order of Entities

The order in which legacy data is imported is critical to make sure that relationships between dependent data elements are established correctly. Siebel interface tables do not map one-to-one with Siebel target database tables.

Communicating for Clarity and Direction as a Manager

Would you be surprised to learn that management studies indicate that 50% to 80% of a manager's time is dedicated to communicating in some way? Clearly, the ability to communicate effectively is an integral part of being a manager.

What makes a person angry

What makes a person angry in a specific instance may be any combination of causes. But generally, anger is driven by a sense that one's value or self-worth is being threatened.

Process to Facilitate the Meeting

Groups tasked with providing different views on a topic or issue, solving problems, coordinating complex work processes, or implementing change initiatives are often ineffective in getting decisions made and procedures in place.

How to Make the Best Use of An Email Signature

So many times email signatures are an afterthought and not really looked at as an  opportunity to sell.

How are CREATED and CREATED_BY columns populated using EIM?

In standard Siebel applications, ‘CREATED’ and ‘CREATED_BY’ are system columns that will be automatically populated when importing data via EIM.

Balancing the Constraints and Demands of being a Manager

The management writer Rosemary Stewart explained that any job is subject to a range of demands and a series of constraints.

Assessing Development Needs of your Direct Reports

You may have identified some or all benefits that come from developing your direct reports.

10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager

Step One: Clarify, Negotiate, and Commit to Your Role
Step Two: Understand Your Expected Results

Why do We Give Feedback?

Within the workplace, we provide colleagues and team members information (feedback) about their acts in order to help them meet individual, group, and organizatio


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