Human resource management

10 key steps to building the dream Team you though impossible

Using team-building activities to create successful teams has many benefits to both team members and their organizations. Being part of a team can empower individuals because of added knowledge – through learning from each other

Delegating Degrees of Authority

Can you recall a situation in your work experience where inadequate authority was provided to you? Do you remember how you felt? Was the task you were delegated completed successfully?

Assessing Development Needs of your Direct Reports

You may have identified some or all benefits that come from developing your direct reports.

How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Human’s Hand?

I heard that a lot of companies use software to weed out "good" from "bad" resumes. How do those systems work, and is there anything I can do to improve my chances of my resume getting through the system and into the hands of a real person?

Communicating for Clarity and Direction as a Manager

Would you be surprised to learn that management studies indicate that 50% to 80% of a manager's time is dedicated to communicating in some way? Clearly, the ability to communicate effectively is an integral part of being a manager.

Planning to Delegate as a Manager

Most managerial tasks can be delegated but some cannot. When deciding which can be delegated, consider how factors such as time and quality come into play.

Tasks that cannot be delegated fall into three categories:

Benefits of Managing a Diverse Team

If you were to ask a room full of people to each define the term "diversity," how many different answers do you think you'd get? You'd probably get as many definitions of the term as there are people in the room.

Ten Tips for Conducting Employee Performance Reviews

You’ve invested your time, your money, and all your energy into building your company. But no company can function for very long without a team of productive employees supporting it.

Establishing Guidelines on a Team

When building a new team, an obstacle you, as the team leader, will face is expectations and behaviors not conducive to team work – especially if your team is diverse or competitive.

Determining Performance and Potential

Think about the employee you are evaluating and ask yourself the following questions. Answer yes or no.


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