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Is it possible to set up individual user locales?

It is possible to set up locales on a user basis so that you do not need to create new object manager components in order for a set of users to simply use a different locale.  A locale directs how sensitive information, such as date, time, and num

Siebel Development Standards

I'm sure most of you are aware of these standards / guidelines for development,  

What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Question: What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Answer: The possible reason which could result in Picklist values not showing are

1.PickMap is not defined for Field which is showing Picklist values
2.LOV Type and LOV Values are not defined
3.Runtime Flag on Applet level is not true.
4.You have not clicked on Clear Cache after adding the values and trying to see values in same session.

If any of the above mentioned reason is true then you will not see the values in the dropdown of field

How should EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES be used in Siebel?

The syntax of EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES has been changed in version 7.x./8.x This information was not available in the Siebel Bookshelf.

The following are the correct syntax for the EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES parameters:

Siebel EIM Export Parameter Process Reference

Some process parameters like TYPE, BATCH, and TABLE are similar to an Import process.

Is it Possible to Update the User Key using EIM

Using EIM task user cannot normally update User key attributes of the base table.

Server Tables Cleanup component failing - deadlock trying to delete records from s_srm_request

"In Siebel version 7.7, the SRProc component has a new parameter called Enable Various Housekeeping Tasks (Parameter alias = EnableHouseKeeping).

Is it possible to modify Siebel Message Property Set without using custom business service (scripting option)?

This section explains how to manipulate a property set in a workflow without custom script. The mechanisms used here are:

  • The Workflow Utilities business service, echo method.

  • Workflow process aliases

Does EIM support case values

Yes, EIM supports various case values defined for base table columns in Siebel Tools. EIM will adjust the case value of an interface table column according to the Force Case property of the corresponding base table column.


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