Extract, transform, load

DataStage Interview Questions and Answers,Solution and Explanation - Part 8

What is merge and how it can be done Please explain with simple example taking 2 tables?

Is it possible to run parallel jobs in server jobs?

DataStage Interview Questions and Answers,Solution and Explanation - Part 10

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EIM Tuning - Reference

What is EIM

EIM is a data loading tool that reads data from EIM tables (staging table) and Inserts/Updates/Deletes data in/from Siebel base tables.

Why EIM tuning is important

  • Data

ETL - Performance Improvement Tips

ETL jobs run every day to pull data from Transactional OLTP database Servers and Load Analytical OLAP warehouse data bases takes more time than its expected, Follwing are tips that will help you improve the ETL performance.

DataStage Interview Questions and Answers,Solution and Explanation - Part 9

How to drop the index before loading data in target and how to rebuild it in Datastage?

How can ETL excel file to Datamart?

Microstrategy Interview Questions - part 7

  1. What is metadata?
  2. What is two-tier connection?
  3. What is three-tier connection?
  4. What is difference between 2, 3 and 4 tier connections?

SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

EIM Data Loading : Oracle function - Bulk Collect

When loading data through EIM process, we normally use Pl/SQL procedures to fetch and process huge volume of records and  then load the data to EIM Interface tables.

Optimization of Data Warehouse – Reporting Design

Problem Definition:- As per any standard Data Warehouse Project the entities <Transactional DB Source, ETL(Extract, Transform & Load)  Process, Analytical DB Destination, UI for Reporting>  are being used in the current Process

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