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Tracing Siebel server task with SQL Trace and TKPROF in Oracle

tkprof is one of the most useful utilities available to Admins for diagnosing performance issues. It essentially formats a trace file into a more readable format for performance analysis.

DataStage Interview Questions and Answers,Solution and Explanation - Part 3

Does the selection of 'Clear the table and Insert rows' in the ODBC stage send a Truncate statement to the DB or does it do some kind of Delete logic.

Export data using dbisqlc.exe utility

DBISQLC.EXE is the utility used to connect to sample/local database for DML,DDL operations. But how do we export the results of a query to a file?


 By using ‘OUTPUT’ command.

SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

Table Lock in Oracle

The challenge was to find out which OS user, through which DB login and from which machine the table has been locked and the type of lock that has been applied.

Situation : Application performance issue; Table Lock

Real time Siebel EIM (Enterprise Integration Manager) Interview Questions – Part 1

We have collected the Siebel real time interview questions related to EIM ( enterprise integration manager) , these are asked in real interviews in most of the companies. All the best for your job interview!

Data Stage - Lookup vs. Join Stages

The Lookup stage is most appropriate when the reference data for all lookup stages in a job is small enough to fit into available physical memory. Each lookup reference requires a contiguous block of physical memory.

Data Stage Transformer Usage Guidelines

Choosing Appropriate Stages

The parallel Transformer stage always generates “C” code which is then compiled to a parallel component.


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