How are addresses for account stored in the vertical Siebel 7 – Industry Application

All the addresses are now being stored in the S_ADDR_PER base table instead of S_ADDR_ORG base table. This was done because of the data model changed for version 7 and the S_ADDR_ORG will be obsolete.

Siebel Scripting – Advanced Concepts

Siebel Scripting advanced concepts - pdf file. covers following concepts -

Debugging Profile Attribute

There would have been umpteen number of situations where you might have felt the need for an easier way of debugging profile attributes than logging the values in a script, haven't you?.If yes, then here is a much simpler way and you can do

Actuate e.Report Designer File types

Actuate has 5 types of files namely, basic source (.bas) files design (.rod) files executable (.rox) files library (.rol) files report document (.roi) files Basic Source (.bas) Files

Siebel EIM Delete Process Parameter Reference

Some process parameters like TYPE, BATCH, and TABLE are similar to an Import process.

Export data using dbisqlc.exe utility

DBISQLC.EXE is the utility used to connect to sample/local database for DML,DDL operations. But how do we export the results of a query to a file?


 By using ‘OUTPUT’ command.

How to convert .FDR file to readable excel format or .CSV format

Siebel process generates an .fdr file also known as Flight data recorder file when ever there is a crash or a dump. FDR file is created in binary format with process information.


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