Using Good Telephone Etiquette

Good telephone etiquette is important regardless of whether you are the person placing the call or the person receiving the call. When you place a call, good telephone etiquette includes identifying yourself and stating the purpose of the call. The principles of good telephone etiquette are most useful when you are the receiver of the telephone call.
Every time you answer the telephone, the principles of good telephone etiquette will help you make a good impression. The principles of good telephone etiquette are:

Web Portal Integration with Siebel Applications

This article presents details on how to use the XML Web Interface to deliver content from Siebel to external portal frameworks and Web application environments.

Integrating Barcode Reader with Siebel Applications

This document has been written to demonstrate how to enable barcode toolbar in Siebel Call center, How to Map fields such that the barcode input always goes into a particular field and automatically perform tasks like insert.

Siebel XML Web Interface

The XML Web Interface can be used against any Siebel eBusiness Application. Requests to generate XML from Siebel eBusiness Applications can be submitted through a Siebel Web Server using a query string or an XML command block.

Using Annual Apprisal Review Process for your benefit

Not every employer and employee has to think of performance reviews with the same dread as an appointment with the dentist.

Barriers to Effective Communication

Language:The choice of words or language in which a sender encodes a message will influence the quality of communication.

Non-Verbal Communication on the Telephone

How do you stand a chance at making a positive impression when the person forming the impression is using factors she can only perceive? Keying in on the principles for non-verbal communication can help. The principles for non-verbal communication are:

Determining Performance and Potential

Think about the employee you are evaluating and ask yourself the following questions. Answer yes or no.

Best Practices for Replying to E-mails

The way you reply to e-mail messages can have a major impact on your work and business relationships.To ensure you reply to an e-mail message appropriately, you should always

Becoming a More Responsive Listener

Being successful at work usually depends on access to good information. Some information arrives in written form, but the vast majority is delivered orally.


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